Friday, November 18, 2011

Hi Y'all

I really believe in these 'PEOPLE'S SHOES OF ITALY' (which to me, sounds like something that was translated from Japanese, but I'm probably wrong, seeing as how I'm not a first language English speaker myself).

The pair I own is slightly more dirty and somewhere during the week one of my lecturers suggested that I wash my shoes to which I replied that I was planning on doing so already, DUH, which I totally wasn't but I think I actually might because they would look nice A BIT cleaner.

ANYHOOZ, what I actually wanted to tell you was that my pair of Supergras was found in the trash of a Vredehoek resident so there's a lesson to be learnt here:
DIG IN YOUR NEIGHBOUR'S TRASH. Hell, dig in anybody's trash. There are treasures to be found. I'm sorry if you now think I'm gross and stuff. But then again, I'm not really sorry. Wtvr.
That was enough shittalking for one day, I must be off so I can get my phone sorted (I FEEL SO DISCONNECTED) and my camera charged (NEED TO DOCUMENT LIKE ALL MY WORK OF THIS YEAR EVER)


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