Wednesday, July 11, 2012

where have you been all my life

Been spending way too much time on Tommy Ton's streetstyle photographs, wishing I was as fashionable as these bitches.  Put them with some backdrops for some mood you know, ah yeah.

party in the suburbs

This club can't even handle us right now.
Love my Couttie!

a long time ago.

My mama gave me her old Konica Pop to use over two years ago and I shot this roll of film at the beginning of 2010 but never developed it until recently. So happy with how they came out.  Will definitely be using this camera much more from now on.


I've been hunting for the perfect little black dress (cliché's are so cool) for basically my whole life now and I've yet to find one IRL.  Here's some AMAZING BLACK SHIT I found on the internet that I can't afford. DREAM BIG xoxo