Thursday, September 29, 2011


I know I mentioned in a post yesterday that I have 99 followers but it wasn't really a celebration of this fact slaaash a post purely about followers. I wanted to do a 100 followers post anyway and make a nice collage with things I like (Haaaa). But then I hit 101 followers and I couldn't make a 100 followers post when I actually have 101 followers (You don't do that shit).

The above paragraph was a very good example of why you shouldn't actually be reading what I have to say because it's 100% nonsense, 110% of the time.
But if you do, thank you. It's really nice to know I'm not talking to myself (LOLOLOL don't we all do enough of dat shiyat alreadz in our rooms all by ourselves?!?? YES).

Furthermore, It would be even better if you were all Dalmations but I guess people will do for now. <3 YOU!
PS. Has anyone actually gone to the trouble of counting the pups in this pic? God I hope not!


I recently discovered a blog called COOL & BEAUTY by Alice Goddard and I was blown away when I saw these crochet pants on the blog. WANT! NEED! She got them at Portobello Market but I need them in CAPE TOWN. ANYONE? WHERE, HOW? PLEASE. PLEZ. PLEEEAZ
Also, read her blog (CLICKINGS). AMAZANG

Starry Night

As I was going through the collections I came across this dress at Rodarte which is ovz inspired by Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night (If you can't see it you're blind). Which reminded me that I came across a Starry Night cake the other day (A CAKE!). Which made me Google other Starry Night tings and this is what's up, bros:

Firstly, the Rodarte SS2012 RTW dress:
OWK, Now the painting ting, incase you are unfamiliar (Shame bbz, so uncultured, tut tut tut)
A T-Shirt!
A bottle cap mosaic of sorts!

A Barbie!
A spaghetti strap dress!
A puzzle!
OMG, OMG. This is the best. I give thee, Starry Night in bacon! (BACON!!)

Sorry about all the exclamation marks!!! I'm REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!

I've got 99 followers but a bitch ain't one!

I kid, you guize are all bitches. Anyhooz, here's some lips and gap teeffff:

After Glow

These were taken so long ago and I finally had them developed. We went to Bombay Bicycle Club in Kloof (Waiters in Costume! Swing Seats! 2 for 1 tequila! Blankets to keep warm! Great Company!). Jana relaxed in the street (evidently). I looked retarded (obviously). Then we skipped the usual Friday night Kimberly Hotel and instead went to Shack. But we ovz couldn't resist Evol (BIRTHDYA GOSH LOOK I'M MAKING TYPOS, DANCING, FLAME DECO!). The next day we got ourselves fixed at the City Bowl Market. Johan and I tasted hake springrolls (REGRETZ) and we moved on to some more fixing at the Spur at the V&A Waterfront where we all went crazy (We pretended it was Nicci's birthday, which resulted in Jana having milkshake all over breasticles. Daniel and I had a balloon fight. Jana and I glued our hands together. We wrote Johan's number on the menu etc etc GOSH GUIZE WHY ARE WE SO FUN?!?!?). That night we played 30 seconds and then I ended up in Assembly with Jana and Kyle. Ah, this is the life, innit? More photos SOOOON!!!!








Tuesday, September 27, 2011


THIS!! Minus the make-up

soft shock

Monday, September 26, 2011

Christopher Kane


I never really know what to write about the shows. Sometimes I think it's best to just let the pictures do the talking. Acne. Love.