Saturday, March 20, 2010

i see straight through you

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history of fashion

i am currently working on a history of fashion project, found this pretty image of grand duchess tatiana of russia in 1912, on wikipedia

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

thom-ass pepler dropped this pretty image on my facebook wall. it's so pretty, it's so pretty. i DEFINITELY want to live in it
not any sort of idea where it's from so please inform me if you do

ps. his name is actually thomas not thom-ass, my apologies

green grass

i like this photographer man that goes by the name edouard plongeon. mostly when i see a photograph that i like i want to jump into it and live in it. Don't you just want to live in these images, i know i sure do!

claude montana

i just discovered these claude montana leather trousers from the 80's saved somewhere on my computer, and i reckon they're the bizniz! i kinda need them. i'll take the other half of the outfit too, thanks

hey there

i did this drawing long time ago.

but it's face is all distorted?

it's supposed to be distorted


i like it that way

bright eyed & bushy tailed

drama queen

this is a photograph of my beautiful friend colette who is going to be an actress. she's in los angeles at the moment. this photograph was taken by amazing photographer henrik purienne

driving lessons

my second driving lesson today
i don't think i'm TOO bad