Thursday, November 18, 2010


cher once told me about monki, and i was reminded of this when she blogged about it recently. i went to check out their website and i am IN. LOVE.

one last thing, sasha

happy thursday errrbuddy!


renee, robyn and i by kelly berold

over the weekend, i was an extra in new holland's new music video for their song "transkei". the video was shot by adriaan louw and luca vincenzo. thomas pepler and kelly berold took some behind the scene snaps on saturday. check them out on new holland's facebook page

it was such a fun day and also the most exercise i've gotten in years, running around a forest is hard work, people! x

this is me, procrastinating

cruella, style icon, obviously

kate and karl.

this is just because this weekend we'll be celebrating. it's pretty, no?

i want to climb into this photo and live in it forever

nike makes me wish i never cut a stupid fringe so i too could have roots and a middle parting like this

collars! gahd!

i really want to diy this spiky plait, and whip it around on the dancefloor taking peoples' eyes out, fun!

just wow

still on the lookout for leather shorts. I bought leather trousers with the initial plan of cutting them short but i just can't get it over my heart to take scissors to them, i like them too much just the way they are. also, the colour of that sweater/jersey/top is pure perfection

oh hello, cole mohr, do you wanna eat my face because you totally may

looking for

I'm looking for a pair of shoes like this but can't seem to find anywhere
also, how darling is this girl's full outfit, everything is just perfect!

football/soccer whatever

Yesterday I went to see Bafana Bafana play the USA in Cape Town and I was initially wearing this but then just before I left I changed into a t-shirt because it was so bloody hot
I really want it to cool down just a little bit so I can wear this velvet long-sleeved crop top this weekend, I'm obsessed with it

the game was quite boring but it was still great doing the fanwalk and being at the stadium again, deja vu, baby! a girl sitting behind me vomited her lungs out, that was not so pleasant

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


renee and i, photo by jane

Friday, November 12, 2010

eye candy