Thursday, September 27, 2012


Crying real tears over Dries Van Noten. I NEED it all.

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Something That I Wouldn't Be Opposed to Wearing at Rocking the Daisies Part 2

Gurrrl, if you don't take sunglasses you're a stupid thang.
I'll probably take a pair of cat-eyes even though I think they make my face look weird.  Whatever, they're so fun!
It's probably not a good idea to take the most expensive pair of sunglasses you own, as they might go missing/get trampled on.

PS. Remember the SPF, a sunglass tan is never kewt

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Something That I Wouldn't Be Opposed to Wearing at Rocking the Daisies Part 1

It's Rocking the Daisies in just over a week and I have already hit panic mode about exactly what it is that I need to wear (I haven't even got a ticket yet).

1  How do I not burn my porcelain visage?
2  How do I hide my greasy locks (inevitable from day two)?

A hat? A HAT!
(This is mostly me taking myself through festival dressing but feel free to learn something from this if you feel that there is something to be learnt.)
Also, sunscreen is CRUCIAL. I use SPF 100 (no jokes).
If it's night-time and you no longer feel like wearing a hat but still need to hide your gross hair, a scarf tied pirate style is suchavibe.

PS. You have no idea how embarrassing this post has been for me.

Birthday Countdown

It is my 22nd birthday in exactly a month from today.  I am not exactly looking forward to it as I hate getting older but I will buy myself presents nonetheless and have a great time.

Things I want to buy myself (or that you can buy for me)

fun shoes
shiny things
shark t-shirts
flowers to hang on my wall


I'm stuck at home with a face swollen to twice its normal size.  This really kind of sucks but also not because it's given me time to catch up on the various fashion weeks.  I'm totally obsessed with Ashish and now I want everything that I own to be half sequins half denim, or whatever.

Isn't it all just PERFECT?

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Monday, September 17, 2012


Coutts is the most babelike friend ever and got me these totally brilliant shoes at Salvation Army on the weekend.  I might add that they are ever so slightly too small for me but that I will squeeze into them regardless and get blisters for the sake of FASHION.

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

I'm planning some shoots in my head and this is just a little moodboard I made, to express my ideas at the moment.

PS. Mondays are lame.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Just some of my favs from NYFW thus far.  It's pretty obvious what kind of colour palettes I'm into right now.


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