Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fluffy jumpa

I've had this fluffy white jumper for aaaages and I've only ever worn it once (when facehunter came to town (nothing new ever happens in Cape Town (I'm not complaining, I love this place))). Anyhooz, it was March and it was definitely a very stupid idea to wear such an absurdly Wintry garment on such a Summer's eve but like whatever IhadnuffinelsetowearOK? And now it's been very cold since but in all honesty this jumper just isn't the most comfortable/wearable thang. It's really scratchy on the inside. I still like the way it looks though so I put it on and posed around my kitchen (as one does).

On a related note, here's my friend Barry in the jumper on the facehunter night (I ovz got way too hot, took it off on the d-floor and put on the spare top I was carrying around in my handbag. Barry seemed keen on wearing it.)

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