Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, if you live in Cape Town and show an interest in fashion, you probably know by now that Yvan Rodic, aka FACEHUNTER, will be gracing us with his presence in the mother city.

It said the following on his blog a few days ago:
March 14-21: Cape Town - my 1st 'facehunting' in Africa!!!
On the 17th I'll have a Q&A, book signing and party. Details to be announced soon.

Then yesterday, a store tweeted the following: "@facehunter is coming to cape town to do book signing with a store!"

So I guess that's where I'll be on the 17th. And now, don't even try tell me that you're not thinking of your outfit already! (Or is it possible that I'm the only one/the biggest dork in the world?)

One of my recent favourites off Yvan's blog

Happy Wednesday fellas!

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