Monday, January 31, 2011

nicci's bday

on friday night we celebrated nicci's twenty first birthday (her actual birthday being today). this obviously involved getting too drunk and being incapable to speak not one, but both the languages i master. (i first lost my ability to speak afrikaans, my mother tongue, and then english, which i am usually far more capable of when intoxicated). the night started off at rick's off kloof where i was too poor to eat (this is a good thing, don't worry) and then we did the usual rounds of kimberly hotel (where we spent most of our time on the street corner slash in the street and i made the observation that i am the only person wearing colour out of the whole group) and evol.

i stole these pics from nic, who is the biggest bitch i know because he makes me sleep over at his house and then he only wakes up at 2pm on saturday (if you're my friend you are supposed to know i rise early when i'm hungover)

love you nic!


lala, nicci, nic, me

me, lolly, nicci

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    You know I love it when you wear colour/lose the ability to form sentences.