Friday, December 10, 2010


on friday the 3rd we went to puma social club in cape town to watch holiday murray, and then the usual rounds of kimberley + evol. claire and i stole some chalk at puma social club to play noughts and crosses on the walls and i ended up writing stuff all over evol's walls and bathroom doors. oh dear. the night (morning) ended with a trip up signal hill and a cold and very refreshing swim in seapoint public pool. (the next night ended in similar fashion, minus signal hill). on sunday i was ridiculously bruised and scarred and could hardly walk or speak. all signs of a good weekend

robyn and i still looking decent ma bru

still pretty tame with claire

and now this is why you need to keep a close girlfriend by your side; to avoid hair situations like this. maybe everyone was just too drunk to care.

herman and i apparently whupping arse at foozeball. i can't play foozeball to save my life

nicci highfiving the opposite team? i actually don't know what's going on. i don't remember this part

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