Friday, November 5, 2010


i know some rather amazing people and this is what went down on fb recently. i suggest you read it. i promise that you won't be disappointed, or feel that you wasted your time. come on, go ahead

Chelsey Wilson > Hayley Russell
Hayley, I'm hungary
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Candice Wilson Want a frankfurt?
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Chelsey Wilson YES! But maybe hayley wants one too, Alaska.
Hayley, you want a Frankfurt?
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Candice Wilson Hahahahah Alaska- that was good!
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Hayley Russell Yes maybe that'd be nice, we should pop to the New Delhi down the street to get one?
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Chelsey Wilson Everything in there stinks, you China kill me?
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Candice Wilson Maybe we could fry something in Japan?
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Hayley Russell You guys I was just tryna be Nice!
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Candice Wilson I know you wanna stay healthy chels, what about a few Brussels on that plate?
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Chelsey Wilson But if you need someone to cook, I'm German!
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Chelsey Wilson Ugh I hate Brussels, Jamaica me sick!
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Candice Wilson If you gonna cook tomorrow night, I Congo!
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Chelsey Wilson Well maybe we should do it another time. Candice Murray told me she thinks hungry people are nothing Budhapest.
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Candice Wilson I know! Let's have a bunny chow, take half a loaf make a Holland stuff some curry in!
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Chelsey Wilson We can invite Hayley, but if its on Friday Chicago. I'll tell her they'll be wine though, I know she won't wanna Missisippi!
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Chelsey Wilson *there'll
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Hayley Russell HAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay I'm not even gonna try beat you guys, you're both pretty damn excellent! :D made me so happy!
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Chelsey Wilson Uhm, we're gonna carry on. Just for lolz :)
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Chelsey Wilson And Hayley, Gosh! I don't understand how you can't cook. You just throw some ingredients in a pot Amsterdam!
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Chelsey Wilson Kenya get to it, before you know it its Ghana be too late!
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Hayley Russell Hahahahaha soooo good!
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Chelsey Wilson Come on Russell, get creative!
How many sugars did you use to Sweden your coffee this evening?
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Hayley Russell OH MY!!!!!!! Firstly, I think you have found another god given talent. This aint mah department it's yours for sure. Secondly Russell, really? Those shoes dont fit. Thirdly, get that blackberry instant chat application ho!
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Chelsey Wilson 1. Thanks :) but you should try ir out, don't be laze!
2. Sorry, low point
3. I'm trying, but my bb is whack :)

I've got an idea for us for the weekend...maybe we could go for Haiti at the Mount Nelson!
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Hayley Russell HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CANT BEAT YOU. What do you find on a beach? Well, I could Seychelles.
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Hayley Russell So exhausted, because Iran 100 miles today
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Chelsey Wilson Hahahahahahahahahahaha you see! That was hilarious :)

100 miles Israeli far hey?!
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Hayley Russell Hahahahahahaha......COELDRINK! With lots of Iceland plz maam!
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Chris Pocock There is Norway I'm going to get involved in this.
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Hayley Russell And I was all like, Damn Rwanda, you gotta do something about yo hair! :O
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Hayley Russell So I got REAL mad and mean and Madagasedhercar lol!
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Chelsey Wilson If those kids don't shut it, ima Taiwan of dem up!
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Hayley Russell Wouldnt that Costa Rica and you alot of money though?
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Chelsey Wilson Yes, a Brazilian dollars in fact. Shoot a hole in my money boat and Helsinki!
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Hayley Russell You win!
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Maxine Rubin ♥
just so much ♥
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Sarah Stewart i don't care what non of dem bitches say. idaho!
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Chelsey Wilson Hahahaha sarah! Amazing! :)
People say I think I'm so alternative, I don't care I'm Indiana like it! :)
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Hayley Russell I know, got this great New Jersey from an underground thrift store.
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Sarah Stewart hahahahaa
Would you like me to croatia you a top? more original you know
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Chelsey Wilson Oh a beautiful crochet tope would be Knysna?
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Natalie Anne Combley Hahahahahahah, ah wow i have tears! u ppl are amazing! iv got nothng to add to ur convo- huge fan of ya al tho. Thanks for the laugh!
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Ané Strydom i'm a fan
this is the best thing i've seen all day! actually, the best thing i've ever seen
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