Wednesday, August 18, 2010


the plastic mermaid is a girl who
- is fluent in both english and afrikaans
- could be dangerous to you on the road, and has yet to acquire her driver's license
- has her left nipple pierced. the piercing's name is sylvia
- as a child, had a bit of an obsession with building cranes, and now wants one tattooed on her side
- loves taking long, warm (or rather, scorching) baths and get out all red and raisin like
- hails from a small town
- currently sports an orange ponytail. this will change very shortly
- has decided not to suntan anymore, and thus will remain pale for all of eternity
- would eat mushrooms every day, they're just so tasty
- would very much like to go to stockholm
- has a brother that can tell you all about animals

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